Sunday, March 29, 2009


We have been working on reading for 20 minutes all by ourselves. Miss Workman and Mrs. Horrell have taught us the importance of staying focused during our reading. This past Thursday we met our goal and so we got to celebrate! Mrs. Horrell brought in reading phones and smarties candies for us to enjoy as we read our books!

Yeah for DeLanie, Alex and Daphine!

DeLanie, Alex and Daphine are zooming through the Kindergarten sight words and headed towards first grade words. Great job kiddos!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Congratulations Kayleigh and Rylee!

Great job girls! Kayleigh and Rylee each completed all 30 levels of our Kindergarten Reading Racers! They are racing on to a new list of words! Way to go!

Welcome Mrs. Dunbar's class!

DeLanie is reading to her buddy comfortably with some fun pillows!

Kayleigh is doing a great job at showing her buddy the pictures and reading!

Vernon really liked reading to his buddy and points to the words as he reads!

Mrs. Dunbar's HeadStart class came to our classroom and we took some time to read to them. Students did a great job at introducing themselves and asking them what their name was. Many of Mrs. Dunbar's students will be in kindergarten next year so it was good to introduce them to what kindergarten will be like!

Where is that sneaky leprechaun?

Joana found treasure in her trap!

Payton, Delaney and Mason are looking for the best place for their trap!

Miss Delp read a book to us about how to catch a leprechaun!
We made hats too!

Mason is adding some color to his trap!

We had a lot of fun on Tuesday which was St. Patrick's Day. When we got back from recess the students found our room to be completely messed up and they also found a note from a sneaky leprechaun on our whiteboard. He overturned a table, messed up our books and scattered trash around our room! So, we made traps to try and capture him and we also looked for him all around our school!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Our 4th grade buddies in Mrs. McFarland's classroom invited us down to learn more about worms. They made folders for each of us about worm information and even gave us a worm picture to color! We learned what a microscope is and even got to look for baby worms in the microscope. Thanks for the fun learning Mrs. McFarland's class!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Q and U Wedding

Table 5 made a toast to q and u!

Delaney and Alex enjoyed dancing at the reception!

Everyone was a letter at the wedding!

Mrs. Heltzel made us a delicious cake to celebrate. The rings are hard to see but they are just pipe cleaners made into a q and u! The flowers were quickly made with tissue paper!

Q and U were very cute in the suit and dress!

We had so much fun today celebrating Q and U's wedding! There are so many cute pictures to choose from. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dental Health Unit

Whitney is using a flosser to practice flossing her teeth! We learned that this was a good way to take care of our gums.
Taylor is practicing her brushing too!

Erin was not used to the hot and spicy toothpaste that Miss Workman uses!

Payton is brushing those teeth well with his new tooth brush!
February is Dental Health Month and so we did a few things on Friday to learn more about our teeth and how to take care of our teeth.

Crazy Hair Day

Miss Workman forgot to remind everyone that Wednesday was crazy hair day. I had 3 boys though who remembered!