Saturday, March 9, 2013


 Yesterday was a BIG day in Mrs.Hofstetter's classroom.  The letters q and u got married!  Each student was given a letter that they became for the wedding.  Before they entered the ceremony, they signed in at the guest book. 
Ali and Brady are signing in at the Guest Book.

 We talked about how to escort a lady into the ceremony.  The boys took their jobs very seriously!
 Andrew is escorting Madison into the ceremony!

The bridal party is nervously waiting
The flower girl and ring bearer sign their names to the guest book
 Braylon was letter R.  The ring bearer carried the q and u rings!
Shaylah was the flower girl.  She dropped little foam letters as her flowers. 
 Megan was Miss U and Michael was Mr. Q.

 Q and U were very happy!
 Next was the reception.  I taught the students how to slow dance properly.  They danced to the alphabet song and we did the chicken dance too. 
 Q and U were just so cute the whole time!  They took their roles very seriously.  Michael asked for a flower for his jacket and Megan kept reminding me of things we were forgetting to do! 
They fed each other cake....and of course I made them then go wash their hands! 
Megan threw her boquet!  I love this picture and all of the little girls faces! 

Brianna got to the boquet the fastest!  A BIG thank you to Mrs. Dawson for coming in and taking pictures!  It was kinda hard to manage the pictures, ceremony and 24 kids!  So it was wonderful knowing that someone else was getting this big event on computer!  It was such a fun day and the kids really had a blast!  We did other things the whole week, like drew pictures of our gifts for q and u and we made q and u puppets.  I hope that students always remember that q is never without u!