Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shapes with Marshmallows and Toothpicks

Nikki was having some fun and made some weights!

McKenzie made some great shapes!

Cheyenne had fun and made her own shape.

Science Fridays

Hayden did a science project on mixing colors and making new colors.

Corinne did a great experiment with pepper and liquid soap.

Dylan did a very cool experiment with water and alka seltzer tablets.

We have been busy with lots of science experiments! Heather did an experiment on making rain with ice cubes and hot water.


We have been working very hard on reading independently for 20 minutes and have talked about what having good stamina looks like when we read. Well, Miss Workman's class did it and students are reading on their own for 20 minutes! They won a special treat...reading phones that they can read into to hear themselves! Way to go!

Great Job Ben!

Ben read all of his popcorn words and boy was he excited! Great job Ben!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Fun

Lauren and Ashton are showing off our cute bunny hats that we made with ears and a cute cotton ball tail!

Carlos made a hat too!

Miss Farnsworth hid eggs for all of Kindergarten. The kids had so much fun looking for their eggs.

It was a beautiful day and a great way to get ready for spring break!

Hailey is opening her eggs that she found.

Quon found some yummy candy in his eggs.

St. Patrick's Day!

On St. Patrick's Day we read a book about a leprechaun who ruined a classroom party. This same leprechaun left our classroom a note that he had escaped the book and was now at Parkview! We went on a hunt to find him!

We used a green magnifying glass to search for him throughout our school.

Unfortunately we did not find him on our hunt so we decided it might be good to set up traps around our classroom and try to catch him!

Teams of students worked together to make traps that would catch that sneaky leprechaun.

Well, we did not catch that leprechaun but he did leave us some great treats!

Michael is showing off his gold coins that the leprechaun left him!

Science Fridays

We have been taking turns on Fridays and doing science experiments with the class. Each Monday I send home the science bags with two different students. They get to choose a science project to do in front of the class. We have some great scientists in Kindergarten!

Rachel did a very neat project with food coloring and flowers.

Lee made some great binoculars and told us how we could use them to see things that are far away.

Lauren did a super job with her science project and showed us how cornstarch and water can be a solid and liquid!