Monday, July 20, 2009

Parkview Elementary

Well, it is crazy to think that school starts back up in a month. I am now back in Wooster, OH and am trying to quickly get things organized and set up within my classroom. I am still waiting on a desk, a file cabinet, student tables and a closet for student's belongings. They are due to arrive any day now! That is exciting!
Parkview is a very nice school with some great staff whom I have started to meet. I am really looking forward to my time here and to starting a full day kindergarten program in Wooster.

I have 2 bathrooms in my classroom that will be nice to have in Kindergarten. I am hoping to get some sort of closet to line up in front of the bathrooms for students coats and book bags. There is also a small closet in this picture of where I can put my own personal items as well as store some classroom things. This closet has a lock.

In this corner I have a huge closet with shelves to store things in. There is also a sink with a drinking fountain in this corner. The book shelf is very nice and I am hoping I can use it for my classroom library of books.

This is another corner of my room. I would like to put my classroom library/carpet area in this corner. There is a tv that hangs from the ceiling in the corner.

This is from one corner in my classroom. I have an outside door that leads to a Kindergarten playground. I am hoping to put a table of some sort near this corner for aids/parent volunteers to work at. My chalkboards are magnetic! Yeah!

My room was a library in the past. The poor librarian had to move all of her books. There has been a lot of shuffling at Parkview. This picture was taken at the beginning of June when I was able to see my room for the first time.