Saturday, December 19, 2009

Writer's Cafe

Students have been working on learning how to write a letter. We ended the unit with writing letters to Santa. Students did a great job on writing their letters. We were so surprised to have Santa come! It was a special treat to read our letters to him!

Nichole is reading her letter on Santa's lap!

Cheyenne is reading her letter to Santa!

Gingerbread Day!

Miss Workman read to us The Gingerbread Man but at the end of the story he escaped the book and left us messages all around the school. We went on a hunt to find him!

He left us a box of gingerbread cookies to decoraate and eat! Mmmm!!!

Here are some creations!

We had so much fun decorating and making gingerbread men!

Polar Express

The students each got a bracelet of bells! They believe!

We took a break and drank our hot chocolate and ate cookies!

All the kindergarteners were very excited to ride the Polar Express!

We had a very special conductor who punched out our tickets!

It was PJ Day and it worked out great for students to ride the Polar Express! Miss Workman read the book first thing in the morning and passed out the tickets. Students had to keep track of them all day!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Program

We went back to our room after the performance and took a group picture! They loved their Santa hats! Merry Christmas!

They had to wait for others to perform and they all sat so nicely and watched the other performers!

Carlos and Ashton are looking good and are ready to sing!
We had our Christmas program this past week and the kids were very cute and very excited to sing their songs! Here they are all lined up and ready to head into the gym!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Beginning, Middle and End

Kevin is sharing the beginning of his story.

Ashton is retelling the middle of his story.

Lauren is working on retelling the end.
We have been working on Beginning, Middle, and End. I am so proud of students and all that they are doing! They have been reading books and then sharing what the beginning, middle, and end are by drawing pictures and writing about what they have read. Great job Miss Workman's class! You are making this teacher very proud!

Congratulations Blade and Rachel!

Rachel read all of her popcorn words! Way to go Rachel!

Blade is so excited that he read all of his popcorn words! Great job!