Wednesday, April 22, 2009

There was an old lady

We love to read the story, There Was an Old Lady! My kids think it is the funniest story. We have an old lady in our classroom and when we have a few minutes we like to play with her and sing the silly song!
Vernon is feeding the old lady the bird!

Joana is feeding the old lady another animal!

DeLanie is feeding the old lady too!

Whitney is feeding the old lady!

Amazing Animals

My kids always love when Amazing Animals come to the school. Well, this year was the same. Below are some of the animals that they brought to our school!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Viking Foods, Vision Center, and Fashionette

Payton's grandma showed us all the different hair colors we can get when we get our hair cut!

Dr. Harris talked to us about taking care of our eyes and recycling our old glasses.

Reilley really wanted a donut! They smelled so good!

Mr. Randall showed us how Viking Foods recylces and how they crush the cardboard

We got to go into the cooler where they keep the milk!

Jennifer is checking out the laser that scans the items as you buy them!

On Friday we went and visited these three businesses to finish our study of careers. The kids really enjoyed walking uptown and learning about each of these area businesses. A BIG thanks to Mrs. Miller for arranging all of the details for this special event!

Congratulations Mikaylynn, Devan and Vernon!

These three smarties passed all of their Kindergarten Reading Racer levels! Congratulations to each of them! Way to go!

Career Week

We had parents come into the classroom and share with us their careers and what they do at their jobs! A BIG thanks to Mrs. Simmons (Erin's mom), Mrs. Patterson and Rachel (Reilley's mom and friend), Mr. Purvis (Mason's dad) and Mr. Mills (Payton's dad).