Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Johnny Appleseed!

After making our hats we sang Happy Birthday to Johnny Appleseed. Here is a few of us singing. Lots of kids were finishing snacks and getting drinks!

Green Week

Hailey and Veronica are showing us some of our yummy green snacks that we had this week. Apples with carmel dip! Thanks Hayley!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bulletin Boards

Below are some of the projects students have made at the beginning of the year.

Students each made their own fish and put some sparkle on the fish....a small piece of foil!

Students each had the first letter of their name at their table on Open House night. They could decorate these however they wanted with stickers and markers. I have some very neat artists in my classroom!

Students made their own chicka chicka boom boom trees with their names. These were hanging in the hall by their letters with the names on them.

Blue Week

Ashton brought in some delicious blueberry popsicles to share with the class on blue day! Thanks Ashton! Below Cheyenne and Clayton love eating their yummy snack!

Table 6 is enjoying the very yummy blueberry popsicles!

Bucket Fillers

This week Mrs. Frankl came to our classroom and read Have you Filled a Bucket Today? It is a wonderful book that basically teaches students that when they make right choices they fill joy in their lives as well as bring joy to others in the process. It was a hard concept for 5 and 6 year olds to grasp but they managed to learn the lesson! We have continued this week to talk about ways we can fill each other's buckets! Thank you Mrs. Frankl!

Our First Popcorn Club Kids

Ashton, Livy and Michael were the first three students in the classroom to read ALL 25 of their popcorn words (high frequency words)! Congratulations! They each got a bag of popcorn and a can of take and eat at home!!!!

Yellow Day

Last week we learned and celebrated the color yellow! Check out all the yellow students were wearing! Hayden brought delicious cheese sticks and crackers for us to munch on! Thanks Hayden!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Red Week

Last week was red week! Buckeye fans would have been proud! We had LOTS of red on! Thank you Rachel's mom for bringing in our red snack.....Apples!!!! good!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Word Detectives

We were word detectives this week at school. Last week students looked for words in our classroom. This week we looked for words in our school and today we looked for words around the outside of our school. Students used their word finders (Dixie cups on a string) to help them find lots of words!

Students looking for words. What we didn't know was that there was grease on the rope they are touching! EWWWW!!!!! Our hands were dirty!

Look at all those detectives!

Students finding the words Parkview Elementary School.

First Week

These students are playing with the play dough!

These students are working quietly at the listening center.

These students are working at the block center.

Well, our first week of school went really well. We had 7 students come on each of the first 3 days of school. Everyone came to school on Thursday and Friday which makes Miss Workman's class a grand total of 21 students! It has been great getting to know all of my new students and we are off to a great start this school year!