Friday, March 12, 2010

Where did this weather come from?

We had to take advantage of this amazing weather at the beginning of March. We went outside and even though it was too muddy in the grass, we got to sit on the sidewalk and enjoy some time reading our books. There were even complaints of being hot and having too much sun in their eyes! Hey....this teacher will take that over cold and dreary any day!


The Right to Read Week theme at our school this year was Wild Wild West. The whole week was full of cowboy activities and lots of reading! Our door was very close to getting second place. It is very cute with their faces on different cowboy bodies and they are rounding up their favorite book!

Each student got their picture taken in a fun cowboy model! Mrs. Amstutz made each of us a mustache too!

Livy and Rachel were the cutest cowgirls on the block!