Saturday, February 5, 2011

100's Day

Camilla wore 1oo smile faces and peace signs!

Kylee made a shirt with 100 stickers.

Ashley wore a crown with 1oo jewels.

Kaylee made a shirt with 100 painted flowers.

Piper made her shirt with 100 smiley faces and peace signs.

Chloe made a necklace with 100 beads!

Eric wore a shirt with 100 insects on it!

Alan made a shirt with his name on it 100 times!

Our finished dollar!

Students took 100 pennies and made a 1 dollar bill!

Keith made a 100 with 100 K's on it!

Delaney's shirt had 100 buttons sewn on it!

Sophie made a shirt with 100 hearts on it!

McKenzie made a shirt with 100 poms on it to spell out 100 Days!

We had so much fun on the 100th day of school!

We are So Close!

Kylee is so excited to have read her popcorn words!
WOW!!!! We are so close! Almost the entire class has read their popcorn words and we are so excited to have a big popcorn party with the whole class! Jazzmyne and Kylee both read their words this week!