Thursday, February 2, 2012

Science Fridays

Mattie and Josh kicked off Science Fridays! They each did their own experiment and did great showing the class their learning!

Bear Day

Last Friday was Bear Day! It was so funny because when kids were asked why they had their bears they said. "It's Bear Day!" When asked why they replied, "We don't know, Miss Workman just said it was!" We had actually been studying the letter Bb last week and so I told the kids they could bring their bears on Friday!

We learned about different kinds of bears in science. Students did a fun activity with brown bears, black pears, polar bears, panda bears and sun bears!

We ended the week with making polar bear feet....close to their actual size and we measured the school hallway! The hallway in front of the office was 123 polar bear feet long! Bear Week was a lot of fun!