Friday, February 13, 2009

Kid News

Delaney is the Student of the Day and so she writes the date for the beginning of the Kid News. She also gets to choose the color of marker that we use! Oh the little things that get kids excited!

Daphine is pointing to each word as we read the Kid News.

Payton is circling a word with a wiki stick. These words often become the words that students circle in their homework.

This shows the students which News Team is sharing today. The students then know that they need to think of an idea to share with the class. They also sit more towards the front of our group at the carpet.

Kid News is a great way for students to learn how to write and read words. We have done this every day in Kindergarten and kids love it when it is their turn to be on the news team. Students each write their own news for the day and many of them are writing the sentence completely on their own now. The Kid News then goes home as homework and students have to find words, fill in missing blanks and circle letters and numbers.

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