Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fair Oaks Farm

The boys loved the bus tour and seeing all the tractors and machines!
Whitney is trying to milk the cow!

DeLanie and Ariel are loving the bus tour!

The three girls are hanging around....waiting for the fun to begin!

Miss Workman's class in front of the combine!

Look at all of those cows being milked on the carousel!

Mikaylynn and Devan think this field trip is the coolest!

The baby calf was born! We were worried because the mommy cow did not see her baby and she accidentally stepped on it. The baby calf was ok though!

On Monday we went to Fair Oaks Farm. They have 30,000 cows! We only saw about 3,000! The kids had so much fun watching a 3-D movie, playing in the interactive area, taking a bus tour and eating ice cream! We also got to watch a cow give birth to a baby calf! Lots of questions......lots of fun! We really had a great day and the kids are still talking about it!

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