Monday, September 12, 2011

Yellow Day, Remembering 9/11, and Sill Sunglass Day!

I had to get this picture of Samantha and I! We were almost twins with our striped yellow and white cardigans! Thanks Colston for taking the picture!

I always love to see what kids wear on the color days. Isabelle's shirt was so cute!

Christian got bumped REAL good on the day before pictures! He was so brave and handled it so well!

In remembering September 11th, we talked a little about what happen ten years ago. We also talked about how proud we were of our country and of our police and firemen.

Students did a wonderful job drawing buildings and cars and then coloring and pasting flags, police men and firemen to tbe mural.

We finished the week celebrating letter Ss with Silly Sunglass Day!

I can't wait to see what students wear on their feet Friday to celebrate letter Ff!

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