Sunday, January 27, 2013

100's Day

We had a great time celebrating 100's day on Friday!  There were 10 different snacks and we put 10 pieces of each snack to make our 100 day snack! 

 Ali and Shaylah had fun making their snack!

Megan is very excited to eat her 100 snack while we watch 101 Dalmations with all of the Kindergartners!

Derrick has great moves in his 100's Day hat!  

 Ali and Megan are ready to decorate and put 100 dots on their 100's Day hats!

 Happy 100's Day!  

 Camron had a wonderful day celebrating 100 days of school!

Brianna is all smiles!

La Darrius had a great day celebrating 100's Day!

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