Sunday, September 29, 2013

Chester.....The Butterfly

 This week Audra brought in a cocoon from Yankee Peddler that she got with her aunt.  We were allowed to watch it hatch from it's cocoon and it was a very exciting week in our class.  The name they chose was Chester, which I love!  We read The Kissing Hand at the beginning of the year and the racoon's name was Chester and it has just stuck with them ever since! 

Here is a picture the day we got Chester!

This was Chester on Thursday.  I could tell that something was going to happen this day.  I went around and showed each student what the cocoon looked like.  It became very clear and you could see Chester through the cocoon. 

 We went on with our day, and five minutes after everyone had looked at them it hatched.  We were very excited.  Here is Audra holding Chester before we set her free!

 We stood in a circle to see what she would do!  It took her awhile to take off but the kids absolutely loved chasing her. 
 Audra shared with the class that Monarch butterflies head south for the winter and she thinks Chester will fly to Mexico but we are all hoping she will come back and visit us in the spring! 

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